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For more than 40 years, Illinois farmers and farm families have relied on FarmWeek Media for credible, in-depth farm news, markets and policy insights. FarmWeek Media occupies a spot in Illinois’ congressional offices on Capitol Hill. That’s because FarmWeek Media’s professional staff are trusted by Illinois farmers, farm families and legislators.

FarmWeek Media’s regional, statewide, and national advertising, positioned within this quality editorial environment, is highly visible, highly credible and highly effective in reaching more Illinois farmers and farm families on multiple platforms when and where they want their news.


• Over 72,000 member publications mailed weekly

• #1 ag publication reaching Illinois farmers with 78% reading every issue

• Illinois farm owner/operators producing $2,500 or more in annual income from their farm

• 48% of readers are between the age of 45-64

Special Features

• Spring Planting – February 24th, 2020

• Livestock and technology in ag – March 30th, 2020

• Autumn Harvest – August 17th, 2020

• Over 68,000 monthly pageviews, and 21,000 unique pageviews

• 2.5 minutes of average time spent on

• 45% average open rate with’s Daily Update e-newsletter

RFD Radio Network:

• #1 ag radio network with over 85 affiliate stations reaching Illinois farmers

• 3x more farmer listenership than the nearest competitor

• 51.7 Highest average quarterly hour rating (AQH), making it the best buy in Illinois

Partners magazine and website:

• 300,000 glossy, full-color magazines mailed quarterly in IL

• 37,000 website pageviews quarterly

• 67% of readers spend more than 30 minutes with each issue and “took action”

• 50% with household incomes of $70k or more

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